The Holland Stocklift has been designed to save time and money as well as to reduce risk of injury to farmers when they are bulk handling stock, lamb marking, ear-tagging,  drenching, vaccinating, crutching, jetting, backlining, mouthing and much more.

It can be used in-situ or easily transported to any site. Available with our without a purpose built trailer which will transport the Stocklift at normal driving speed. See the Video on how easy it is to load and unload the Stocklift in the videos in the Gallery.


The stocklift is positioned alongside yarding and the stock (up to 30 at a time) run into the race like machine. The gate is closed behind them and then a 12 v hydraulic system lifts them up to waist height. The flooring is made of fingers which lifts them from the belly and therefore allow their legs to be lifted from the ground making them unable to kick or move.

Once at waist height the animals can be easily worked in the raceway or rolled into a cradle and secured ready for the tasks ahead.


What is unique to the Holland Stocklift is the adjustable cradles. Without having to lift the animal you can simply roll them into the cradles and secure them making lamb marking easy and with much less risk of injury. Any job can be done and one man can work alone or a team can work the stock - handling Dorper sheep with ease!

Safe and Humane

Because of the patented system, the stock are held securely and humanely until required and once the task is completed , the stock are returned gently and safely to the ground and are released from the front end of the stocklift.

The need for manual catching and lifting of stock has been taken away, making it much safer and humane for the stock as well as for the handler.