Save Time – Save Money – Reduce Risk of Injury


Bulk Handling of stock - Do it Quickly – Do it Safely

  • ·       Lamb Marking

  • ·       Jetting

  • ·       Tagging

  • ·       Weighing

  • ·       Vaccinating

  • ·       Crutching

  • ·       Trimming Feet

  • ·      Bleeding Rams for blood samples

  • ·      Shearing Dorpers


For Lamb, Sheep, Rams, Goats and Calves

Easy Handling Dorper Sheep

Other in built Features

  • Can be operated by one person

  • No Generator - No air compressors - No costs to run

  • Easy Hydraulic Lifting

  • Shade-cloth for protection from the sun

  • Lifting Points to for crane loading and offloading

  • Stainless steel cable full length of the machine to operate the lift

  • Separate Stainless steel cable on which to hang chemical bag and equipment, full length of the machine

Extra Features that are available

  • Cradles

  • Purpose built trailer for quick and easy transportation from stockyard to stockyard

  • Solar panel

  • Delivery

Ring us now to find out more or to discuss other uses you may require a machine for!